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Kaboly Photography provides posed and action photography for sports leagues in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Let Kaboly Photography professionals handle your team’s Photo Day. We offer traditional services, as well as highly customized innovative design ideas that will set your team apart from others. We specialize in creating truly unique and memorable team and individual photos that your group will cherish for years to come.

Schools, Sports Teams, and Leagues
Across the Region Trust their Team Photo Day to Kaboly Photography

Team and Individual Photos

Composite Team Panoramics

Our composite team photos are created artfully from your player’s individual photos. We shoot on green screen and compose a final team photo that will blow your team away.

Action Shots

Once we settle your Team and Individual Photos, we’ll round out your collection with Game Day photography.  We bring our mobile Kaboly photography viewing and printing lab on site. Our professional photographers capture game day action photos, parents can view the photos on site and leave with custom printed and/or digital products.

Photo Day

Kaboly Sports Photography

Kaboly Sports Photography

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We are organized.

Ordering is easy.  We send you the order link 2 weeks prior to photo day.

Parents do not need to bring any paperwork with them on photo day.  We match up the order information with the players names.

On photo day, we provide staff to answer questions and keep teams and players moving through the process.

After photo day, photos will be delivered within 21 days.  All orders are individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution. 

We have the flexibility to photograph either indoors or outdoors.  This means no rescheduling due to inclement weather. (All we need is an indoor location large enough to accommodate your groups.

Why Kaboly?

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Efficient & Coordinated Photo Day

  • Fast Photo Turn-Around

  • Choice of Photo Delivery - Mail to Home or Return to Club

  • Fundraising Opportunities including Sponsor Banners, & Photo Sale Rebates

  • Team Photos for All Coaches

  • Online Customer Prepay

  • Large Selection of New and Exciting Photo Products

  • Graphics Customized with Each Team's Colors

  • Professional Team Photography and Photo Day Coordination

  • Sponsor Plaques

  • Kaboly Photo League Sponsorship

What our customers are saying about us


"Thank you so much! I love every photo you guys take and I have been getting them for different sports for 8 years! Thank you u again for such an amazing photo!"


"OMG, these pictures are so ridiculously beautiful!!!"


"Our parents absolutely loved the whole action photo process you guys did this weekend. I saw numerous people walking around with the framed collages, they all had big smiles on there faces.  Consider you booked for next year!!"

Mady and Frank

"Our kids have been playing sports for over 10 years, these are the best photos we have ever had. Thank you!"


"As I mentioned, we weren’t able to make photo day because he was sick. I’m amazed that you sent a photographer out to photograph just him."


"The pictures came out great, everyone loves the team photos."

Book a Sports Team or Individual Photo Shoot

Interested in switching up your team’s look for picture day this year for a memorable product that you will cherish forever? Please email us at or fill out our form to discuss your team photo and/or individual portrait(s) further.

Thanks for submitting!

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